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Our school is located in the heart of Santa Barbara. We practice the most up to date and effective teaching methodologies, and we encourage conversation rather than grammar, thus, classes will be 10% explanation and 90% communicative. At Siglo XXI, life happens in Spanish so English is left at the door.


At Siglo XXI our community of students are diverse. We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds. We instruct students with different motivations and reasons for learning a language; ranging from people who want the language to travel, to see life through a different lense or simply to pass an exam or get a promotion. See what our students say about us below.


Our goal is that our classes become an immersion environment where you learn the language through communication, and thus you develop confidence in any Spanish speaking environment. We strive to teach Spanish by creating activities and opportunities that will resemble real-life situations. Our objective is to create meaningful activities and not just drills.

Our Professors
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All our professors have extensive professional experience teaching Spanish at different levels and institutions to students with different goals. All of our professors are bilingual Spanish-English speakers whose first/native language is Spanish and have successfully graduated with a MA or PhD from an US university. Please click the bottom to see their biographies and learn more about their experience.

"In one semester I’ve learned and can speak more Spanish than in three years of high school classes. Alonso is a terrific teacher with lots of patience – and he needed it with me. But I’ve gained enough confidence to engage in conversations without that feeling of embarrassment that I had before starting the semester. If you’re a beginning student or a returning learner, this is a great place to learn Spanish."


Gordon - April 3, 2019

I am about to begin my third year of private tutorials. I took Spanish 1 three times at different points in my life and never was able to speak a word. Now I am able to converse albeit slowly and with lots of mistakes, but still to get my message across. And, most importantly, I am having fun. Unless I someday get to live in a Spanish speaking country, I expect and hope to continue these classes for years to come.

Terry - September 13, 2018


Alonso has been a great instructor to me for the last 2 years! His approach to teaching Spanish is different from what you find in most traditional classes and focuses on vocabulary and grammar that you need in real-world conversations. The way he moves through the grammar is unique and effective — he covers a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time. He is also an overall great person!

Tracey - July 9, 2018


"Alonso, I have really enjoyed your conversation class. Being able to talk in Spanish with the other six members of the group has improved my ability to understand others as well as my ability to speak more coherently."


David Litschel - July 6, 2018


I’ve really enjoyed taking classes here! I’m still so surprised how quickly we got to a point where we can communicate almost entirely in Spanish!

dstuck - June 18, 2018


I love taking my Spanish classes here! Alonso is a fantastic teacher and I really love the small class sizes. I’m excited to take my new skills abroad! 🙂

lesangroyal- June 15, 2018


"I’ve been attending evening classes for over a year now and it is amazing to me my understanding of how the Spanish language grammar works. I am able to communicate and have conversations in Spanish and also watch Spanish language television shows and actually understand. I feel with my learning of more vocabulary and continual practice in conversation I will be fluent. Alonso has a wonderful technique of teaching and lots of patience! He will also focus any part of grammar you don’t understand until you do."


Thomas Moffett - December 1, 2017


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