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Learn Spanish

At Siglo XXI we offer a wide range of studying possibilities. Whether you are looking to increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar skills and/or improve your speaking or writing abilities we have the right course for you. Our professors are experienced Spanish-native speakers and professionals with years of experience teaching Spanish at US and International universities and private institutions.

At Siglo XXI we understand that people's motivation and reasons to learn a language are different, which is why we offer classes for (1) Spanish as a second language, (2) specialized classes for professionals who need Spanish for business, medicine or law, (3) classes for heritage speakers who want to feel more comfortable and polish their Spanish knowledge, and (4) classes directed to students who need to get ready for the AP exam or need help with their university midterms and finals.

See the description of our class levels downloading the brochure for our  "Spanish as a Second Language".

Spanish as a Second Language

This course modality is addressed to people who want to learn Spanish for conversational purposes and didn't grow up in a Spanish-speaking household. Click the buttons below to see ACTFL standards and understand what your level may be. Do not worry, when we meet you we'll help you find your right level as well. 


Specialized Spanish (Business, Medicine, Law)

This modality focuses on teaching Spanish geared towards a conversational level in a business environment, medical setting (hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc.) and for immigration attorneys.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

The heritage speakers modality focuses on improving the written and spoken grammar and vocabulary of those people who grew up in a Spanish environment but have forgotten, don't feel confident with their Spanish or tend to speak Spanglish and would like to polish their abilities and not mix both languages.

Exam Preparation

These courses will get you ready to pass your AP exams, university or college mid-terms and finals and any other form or written evaluation. Classes are conversational but lean towards grammar. If your institution or job wants you to have a spoken exam we will accommodate to prepare you for your oral exam as well.

Conversation Lab

This modality is geared towards people who already have an advanced Spanish level but are afraid of losing it because of a lack of practice on a  daily basis. In our conversation lab, we'll meet together to talk about current social, political and economic issues and we will assign the reading of novels that we will discuss during class and relate to current life.

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